This guide will help you consider the best telephone systems for your needs. Whether you’re experienced in choosing business phone systems or you’ve never had to buy phone systems before, it’ll help you make a wise investment.
Types of business phone systems

You’ll read about Keyless System Units (KSU), PBX, VoIP, digital phone systems, computer phone systems, and IP phone systems – just some of the terms in an acronym-crammed sector. Relax! We’ll help you.

Whatever system you eventually choose, your local specialist will help you through the maze of choosing a suitable phone system and support you with vital phone system maintenance. If you do nothing else at this stage, please consider carefully what you want your phone system to do for you – then choose a local partner to turn this into reality.

The three main phone systems for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are as follows:

  1. Key System Unit (KSU)
  2. Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  3. VoIP Phone Systems

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